Leadership Development Series


The Leadership Development Series is designed to provide professionals, team leaders and managers with fundamental insights into becoming effective leaders. In each workshop, you will focus on a critical performance requirement of being a leader and learn how to overcome any potential challenges your organization may face. By learning these essential leadership skills, such as building, coaching and managing teams, you will be better equipped to make an immediate impact and contribute more widely across your organization.
The workshops are held in the evening and meet for three hours. You may take one or all of the workshops. If you complete four workshops within an 18-month period, you will earn a Certificate of Completion in Leadership Development.
Workshops in the Series:

Student Testimonials

“Participating in the Assessment, gave me a benchmark of where I stand on a number of important skills and provided me with specifics about what I need to work on and suggestions for how I can improve. I found the feedback invaluable and I now have a guide for future leadership development.”
-Rick Landuyt, CEO, RF IDeas

Who Should Attend

This Leadership Development Series is designed for professionals with supervisory, management and/or team leadership responsibilities, or those who plan to take on these responsibilities in the near future. The workshops are also highly relevant for seasoned supervisors and team leaders who have extensive on-the-job experience, but little formal management education or training. If you are in a leadership role, seeking or anticipating a leadership role, or are looking to develop your leadership competence, this series is for you.


Whether you take one or all of the workshops, you will gain valuable leadership, team management, and mentoring skills. You can take what you learn back to your organization and immediately put your new knowledge and skills into practice. Attend four workshops in an 18-month period and earn a Certificate of Completion.

Future Topics

Aligning Planning, Goal Setting and Performance with Strategic Goals
Use your time and resources strategically

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to take all the workshops, or can I just take one or two?
You may take one, two, three or all of the workshops. In order to earn a Certificate of Completion, you need to attend four workshops within an 18-month period.
When will the workshops take place?
The workshops will be held in the evenings from 6-9pm on DePaul’s Loop campus.


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Registration - The fees associated with individual workshops are the only fees charged in this series$0.00