Big Data Analytics Certificate Program


Analytics is increasingly important to your company and your career. McKinsey & Company reports that big data (and the analytics to unlock the value in big data) is the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity. Many professionals struggle to understand "Big Data" and "Analytics" in general terms and how to apply these principles to improve business performance. Companies who can effectively harness complex data quickly, analyze data for insights and apply them in a meaningful way will have a competitive advantage.
The five-week Big Data Analytics Certificate Program will introduce you to the field of Big Data and Analytics. The program will use in class exercises, case studies and product demonstrations to help you get beyond the superficial explanations so you can better communicate with your technical teams.
Through this course, you will gain insight into:
  • the history of, and current trends in, analytics
  • the ground rules for success in analytics
  • the current landscape of big data
  • the major software and tools used in data analytics (including Watson Analytics, Hadoop, and Splunk)
This program will provide a launching point for exploring the field in more depth. Click here to view a video of our Analytics Expert and find out how Big Data applies to your profession.

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Isabel Avalos
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  • Phone: (312) 362-5295
  • FAX: (312) 362-8764

Who Should Attend

This program is for those who are interested in analytics and in implementing analytic solutions in their organizations and especially those in the following positions:
  • Corporate managers and executives
  • Accounting and financial analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Finance professionals
  • Operations professionals
  • Supply chain and manufacturing quality professionals
  • Customer service professionals
  • Government, Nonprofit, and NGO professionals


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Articulate the trends in the IT industry related to Big Data Analytics
  • Cite specific examples of how Big Data Analytics is changing business behavior
  • Speak to the capabilities of leading enterprise Big Data Analytics tools such as Watson and Splunk
  • Understand how Hadoop and related Apache software projects are influencing the Big Data Analytics landscape


Click here to view our Course Syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will there be a book to purchase?
No, there is no textbook required. However, there will be software to register for on a freeware/limited use basis.
Do I need a computer?
You will need a personal laptop in class to participate in class assignments.
Are courses taught in class or online?
All courses are taught in class on DePaul’s Loop campus. There are no online courses.
Are there any prerequisites in math for the Big Data Analytics Certificate Program?
No. The class does not require calculus or statistics.  It will cover statistical concepts like regression, but it is assumed that no one remembers their statistics class, if they took it!  There will be lots of hands-on activities with software tools.
Is the Big Data Analytics Certificate Program different from the Predictive Analytics Certificate Program?
Yes. The Predictive Analytics Certificate Program, offered by the Kellstadt Marketing Center, differs from the Big Data Analytics Certificate Program in three significant ways:
The Predictive Analytics program focuses solely on predictive analytics, while the Big Data Analytics program covers predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics in detail.
The Predictive Analytics program is an advanced market research course with a heavy focus on using statistical tools for marketing purposes. The Big Data Analytics program is a broader focus covering many business areas and the various tools of analytics including machine learning, optimization, business intelligence and revenue management.
In terms of the target audience of each program, the Big Data Analytics program will appeal to general business people – project managers, supply chain managers, business analysts, etc. The Predictive Analytics program will appeal to marketing and sales professionals as well as anyone wanting to improve their analytical skills.
What is the difference between a certificate and a certification?
A certificate is earned after completion of a course or a series of courses. Certificates are usually awarded by a training provider or an educational institution. Certification typically includes an experience, an educational component and requires passing an exam. Certifications are awarded by governmental and/or professional agencies and often require recertification to remain certified.


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MDC 150-00
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