Content Marketing Seminar


Content Marketing is a marketing approach that allows you to engage new or existing customers using relevant news, data and media to drive your sales. If you want to learn how to incorporate this tactic into your marketing strategy, this seminar is for you.
Consumers and B2B customers are getting savvy and frankly, a bit skeptical, of traditional marketing messages. This seminar will show you how to use information and entertainment to build a relationship and ultimately turn consumers into loyal buyers. It’s the next wave of marketing allowing you to push consumers and customers throughout the decision-making process by giving them what they desire—all consistent with your brand and product/service, separate from the “hard sell” marketing initiatives.

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Jurate Murray
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  • Phone: (312) 362-5913
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Who Should Attend

If you are in the field of marketing or PR and want to introduce storytelling, relationship marketing and entertainment through social media, digital and traditional marketing channels, you should join our next class. This seminar covers the spectrum of content marketing planning—from strategy to execution—and is applicable to junior marketers as well as marketing directors. Best-in-class content marketing examples are provided and you will have time to develop a strawman of your own strategy for your business.


This seminar will update your marketing tactics as you think through a new way to engage with your consumer and customers, while showing measurable results to management. Techniques learned in class will allow you to jumpstart your content marketing programming with new ideas, great information and entertainment.


The seminar will focus on the following topics:
  • Social media and digital
  • Storytelling and relationship marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer insights
  • Long-term planning and ROI


  • Top 10 content marketing examples in 2015
  • Strategy: How to create a business plan, persona, brand story and content mapping
  • Deep dive into Red Bull Magazine, a world-class example of content marketing
  • Execution: How to bring your strategy to life with an engagement cycle, sales process, engagement grid and channel plan
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Application to your business situation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get DePaul credit for this class?
No, but some DePaul CPE courses have been approved for CEU credits. This is a professional education class with different requirements than courses taken for academic credit.
How big is the class?
Class size is limited to allow for a more interactive environment in the classroom. Most classes have fewer than 20 students.


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Course Availability

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