Search Engine Marketing Certificate Program


Everyone has heard of Google™, Yahoo!® and Bing®. Discover how organizations use these marketing tools and incorporate the use of paid search to grow their own business. Enhance your search marketing skills and position yourself in your organization as a paid search expert.
The Search Engine Marketing Certificate Program presents the latest, most innovative strategies used in the thriving industry of Paid Search. This six-week program will provide a thorough understanding of the tactics and techniques leading companies deploy through real-world client examples. Learn how paid search can make you an indispensable asset to your marketing team and give your organization that extra advantage over competitors.
The Search Engine Marketing Certificate Program also counts as an elective towards completing the Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate Program.

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Jurate Murray
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Student Testimonials

"As somebody who had a rudimentary knowledge of PPC/SEM, but not much practical experience, the [Search Engine Marketing Certificate Program] provided a top level view of the field and did a great job of differentiating. . . what would come up for both small-scale and in-house campaigns. . . This course offers practical knowledge of what working in the search field is like by providing both classroom style instruction and practical case study experience.
I was able to leverage this knowledge immediately into multiple freelance and contract positions . . . and have been working in Paid Search at the agency level for some months now. I have to thank this class for helping give me the knowledge and short-term experience I'd need to leverage into an agency position. I hope you continue to offer this course and teach others . . . about how exciting this industry can be."
-Anthony Frabotta

Who Should Attend

  • eCommerce and marketing professionals
  • Business owners and professionals looking to grow their businesses with online customer acquisition
  • Entrepreneurs who market themselves online
  • Individuals who wish to seek a position working in Paid Search


  • Learn the best practices, strategies and tactics required to leverage Paid Search for profit and growth
  • Acquire scores of prospective new customers who have intentionally entered search terms into Google, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Use Paid Search to target customers of higher-than-average value


Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there course materials?
There are no required books for this program. Handouts will either be distributed on the first day of class or be available to download from the course website. The cost of these materials is included in the course fee.
Is there required software?
Projects will require the use of free software. Instructions on how to download and use the software will be provided in class.
Are there any additional costs associated with this class?
In order to help you fully understand some of the best practices, strategies and tactics of Paid Search, projects may sometimes necessitate buying small amounts of inexpensive Paid Search clicks on Google™, Yahoo!® and/or Bing®. You can budget $25 for the entire six-week period for these incidental expenses.
Do I need a computer?
You will need access to a computer (Windows or Mac OS) to complete class projects. You may bring a laptop to class if you wish, but it is not required.
Do I get DePaul credit for this class?
No, but some DePaul CPE courses have been approved for CEU credits. This is a professional education class with different requirements than courses taken for academic credit.
How big is the class?
Class size is limited to allow for a more interactive environment in the classroom. Most classes have fewer than 20 students.
Will I have to write papers and take exams?
While the assignments differ for each instructor and course, you will be assigned non-graded homework, and you will receive feedback on each of your assignments. Some courses also include in-class presentations.
What are the requirements for the Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate?
To receive the IMC certificate, students must successfully complete five required courses and one elective course. Follow the link to learn more about the IMC Certificate and review the list of courses.
What is the difference between a certificate and a certification?
A certificate is earned after completion of a course or a series of courses. Certificates are usually awarded by a training provider or an educational institution. Certification typically includes an experience, an educational component and requires passing an exam. Certifications are awarded by governmental and/or professional agencies and often require recertification to remain certified.


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KMC 233-00
Christian M Kanellakes
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Tuesdays, September 29 - November 3, 2020, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
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